Hunger Games

During SSR and at Home it is your responsibility to keep up to date with the pages and questions below.

May 16th

Read Chapter 1
(p. 3-20)

Part I: The Tributes
May 17th

Read Chapter 2
(p. 21-33)

No School
May 18th

Read Chapter 3
(p. 34-47)

Class: Ch. 1 + 2 Quiz
May 19th

Read Chapter 4
(p. 48-60)
May 20th

Read Chapter 5
(p. 61-72)
May 21st/ 22nd

Read Chapter 6
(p. 73-85)
May 23rd

Read Chapter 7
(p. 86-102)
May 24th

Read Chapter 8
(p. 103-113)
May 25th

Read Chapter 9
(p. 114-130)
May 26th

Read Chapter 10
(p. 133-147)

Part II: The Games
May 27th

Read Chapter 11
(p. 148-160)
May 28th/ 29th

Read Chapter 12+13
(p. 161-184)
May 30th

Read Chapter 12+13
(p. 161-184)

No School
May 31st

Read Chapter 14
(p. 185-194)
June 1st

Read Chapter 15
(p. 195-207)
June 2nd

Read Chapter 16
(p. 208-221)
June 3rd

Read Chapter 17
(p. 222-232)
June 4th/ 5th

Read Chapter 18
(p. 233-244)
June 6th

Read Chapter 19
(p. 247-261)

Part III: The Victor
June 7th

Read Chapter 20
(p. 262-277)
June 8th

Read Chapter 21
(p. 278-289)
June 9th

Read Chapter 22
(p. 290-302)
June 10th

Read Chapter 23
(p. 303-319)

Return Books!
June 11th/12th
June 13th

Read Chapter 24
(p. 320-330)
June 14th

Read Chapter 25
(p. 331-345)
June 15th

Read Chapter 26
(p. 346-359)
June 16th

Read Chapter 27

(p. 360-374)
June 17th

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Questions and Vocabulary for Hunger Games

Part 1: The Tributes

Chapter 1

  1. Describe District 12. Is it a place that you would want to live? Explain.
  2. What is the relationship like between Katniss and Gale? Do you believe it is just a friendship?
  3. What is “Reaping Day”? Describe the mood in District 12 because of Reaping Day.
  4. What surprise happens at “The Reaping”?

Chapter 2

  1. How does Katniss know Peeta Mellark?
  2. Did Peeta mean to help Katniss out behind the bakery?

Chapter 3

  1. What gifts does Katniss get before she leaves District 12?
  2. Why is the Mockingjay an embarrassment to the capitol?
  3. “You know your mentor is your lifeline to the world in these game.” How should Katniss and Peeta feel about their mentor?
  4. Describe Peeta.

Chapter 4

  1. Why do you believe that Haymitch acts the way he does?
  2. How did Katniss keep her family alive after her father died? What skills did she have?
  3. How did Katniss and Peeta get Haymitch to start tutoring them?

Chapter 5

constants (64) - something that stays the same, doesn’t change
sustenance (65) - something that keeps you alive, sustains you
despicable (66) - awful, terrible
demeanor (67) - facial expression

  1. Why might it be important to Katniss that Cinna, her stylist, asked for District 12? (64)
  2. How have the tributes from District 12 been dressed for the opening ceremony?
  3. “It’s not really fair to present us as a team, then lock us in an arena to kill each other.” (71) Why do you think Cinna asks Katniss and Peeta to hold hands?
  4. Peeta seems to be flirting with Katniss. Why doesn’t she trust him?

Chapter 6

exhilarating (73) - exciting
barbarism (74) - lack of civilized qualities, brutes
denial (77) - refusal to believe that something is true
maimed (81) - destroyed, cut up

  1. How is the Capitol different from the “Seam” or District 12? Provide at least 3 examples.
  2. “You’ve both successfully overcome the barbarism of your district.” (74) What do comments like this tell the reader about Effie Trinket?
  3. Why does Peeta try to cover up the fact that Katniss thinks she knows an Avox, a person whose tongue was cut and committed a crime? (78)
  4. Why does Katniss feel guilty about the red-headed avox?

Chapter 7

gory (86) - bloody
emaciated (86) - extremely skinny
amiable (92) - friendly
adversaries (92) -enemies, opponents
arrogance (95) - full of yourself
fixated (97) - focused, staring, obsessed with

  1. Haymitch offers to train Katniss and Peeta separately so they don’t learn each other’s secret skills. Why do they still choose to train together?
  2. “She has no idea. The effect she can have.” (91) What is Peeta revealing about himself?
  3. What is a “Career Tribute”? (94)
  4. Why is Katniss interested in the tribute from district 11, Rue?
  5. What makes Katniss furious about the gamemakers while she is training and what does she do about it? (101-102)

Chapter 8

sobbing (103) - crying
leniency (104) - slack, easy punishment
irredeemable (104) - cannot be recovered from
unattainable (104) - cannot be reached or obtained
audible (110) - sound, noise

  1. Why is Katniss sobbing at the beginning after the private session? (103)
  2. How do Peeta, Haymitch and Effie respond to the news that Katniss show an arrow at the gamemakers? (107)
  3. Do you think that Katniss’ score will help her or hurt her in the tournament? Explain your answer. (108)
  4. Why is Gale so important to Katniss? (111-112)
  5. What big surprise happens at the end of the chapter?

Chapter 9

betrayal (114) - being unfaithful, turning your back on a friend
self-deprecating (116) - make fun of yourself
sullen (116) - sad, unhappy, lacking life
hostile (116) - angry, hard to control
hue (125) - color

  1. Why might Peeta have chosen to train alone after training with Katniss the entire time?
  2. Effie wants Katniss to “think of herself among friends” (115). Why is Katniss against this idea?
  3. What is Cinna’s plan for Katniss at the interview? (122)
  4. How does Katniss’ interview go? (128-129)
  5. What surprise does Peeta have at the interview? (130)

Download and Print Your Own Copy of Part 1: Vocabulary and Questions.

Hunger Games Inference Quotes

Creative Writing Assignment:

Imagine that you are like the Tributes, Peeta and Katniss. You have just been picked to leave everything that you love behind, potentially never to return. Create a "chapter" of a book where you say goodbye to the two people that you love the most. Think about what you would say, what they would say, what you would do and what they would do. Be as descriptive, especially with emotions as possible.

When incorporating conversation, make sure to use quotes properly. This will be typed on the computer

Raquel's Example - It's Good. Read it for inspiration.

Part 2: The Games

Download and Print Your Own Copy of Part II: Vocabulary and Questions

Chapter 10

aghast (134) - shocked, out of breath
anticipate (146) - prepare for the future

  1. Do you believe that Peeta really has a crush on Katniss or is this all for show? Explain your answer.
  2. What does Peeta mean when he says, “I want to die as myself”? (141)
  3. What two things does Cinna provide Katniss before she enters the Hunger Games?

Chapter 11

life-sustaining (149) - keeps someone alive
rejuvenating (152) - energizing, bringing to life

  1. What happens at the Cornucopia?
  2. What seems to be the biggest problem for Katniss as the games begin?
  3. While hiding in a tree, what does Katniss discover about some of her opponents? (160)

Chapter 12

foresight (161) - vision of the future, forward thinking
gall (162) - confidence
foliage (164) - plant life
imprudent (164) - unintelligent, stupid

  1. How do Katniss’ feelings about Peeta change after she discovers that he is working with the career tributes? (162)
  2. Why is it important that Katniss disguises her true emotions from the cameras and people of the district?
  3. How would this story be different if it were written from an omniscient or third person point of view?
  4. How could Haymitch and the sponsors help Katniss out? (168)
  5. Why is mud a good sign? (170)

Chapter 13

smoldering (173) - burning
circuitous (174) - circular, out of the way
abate (176) - stop, slow down
exertion (181) - release of energy

  1. What do you believe caused the fire that has the entire woods scrambling? (172-173)
  2. What do these fire attacks remind both the tributes and the audience about the Capitol?
  3. How does Katniss respond to the Career Tributes when they find her a second time? (182-184)

Chapter 14

balm (188) - ointment, medicinal cream
penetrate (188) - pierce, break through

  1. Someone else is in the tree with Katniss. Who is it and what has she spotted? (185)
  2. Haymitch helps out Katniss. How? (188)
  3. How do the “Tracker Jackers” (Wasps) help Katniss? Provide 2 ways.
  4. In chapter 14, three different people take part in saving Katniss’ life. Who are they and how did they help?

Chapter 15

dread (195) - fear, scared of
manifest (195) - show up, display
onslaught (195) - attack
ally - a friend, someone on your side

  1. Should Katniss trust Peeta? Explain.
  2. What exchange do Katniss and Rue make? (200-202)
  3. Is District 12 the only district where the people are treated unfairly? Explain your answer.
  4. Do you believe making an alliance with Rue is a smart move for Katniss? Explain.

Chapter 16

wholeheartedly (208) - with all of your heart
glint (210) - hint, sparkle, clue
rendezvous (213) - meet up

  1. What advantage due Rue, Katniss, Thresh and others from poorer districts have over the Career Tributes?
  2. What do you predict is the reason that the Career Tributes have allowed the boy from District 3 live? (216)
  3. Rue and Katniss had a plan. What was it?

Chapter 17

salvage (222) - save, keep leftovers
essential (223) - necessary
subsided (225) - gone away
vulnerable (229) - able to be wounded or hurt

  1. Was Katniss’ strategy to blow up the Careers supplies effective? Explain.
  2. “Let the 74th Hunger Games begin Cato. Let them begin for real.” (226) What does Katniss mean by this?
  3. Why is the loss of hearing in one ear so dangerous for Katniss?
  4. Why were there no signs of Rue for a few days? (232)

Chapter 18

fatigue (234) - exhaustion, very tired
inadequate (236) - not enough
infuse (240) - inject, to fill, to enter
conceal (241) - hide, cover up

  1. How does music bond Katniss and Rue?
  2. “To hate the boy from District 1, who also appears vulnerable in death seems inadequate. It’s the Capitol I hate for dong this to all of us.” (236) How might these feelings change the way Katniss plays the game?
  3. Why does Katniss cover Rue’s body in flowers? (237)
  4. Notice that Katniss used the 3 finger salute with Rue. (237) When else was this used in the book?
  5. Why is the boy from District 1 so significant to Katniss? (243)

Questions that you must answer with evidence from the book.

Part 3: The Victor

Hunger Games Survival Plan
Topic: In order to win the Hunger Games, she needs to do much more than just survive. Create a strategy for Katniss to follow that will help her feel comfortable, happy and safe after the Hunger Games. Write this in the form of a 5-paragraph essay.

You can download your own copy of the assignment and outline in case you lose your first one.

Chapter 19

dissipate (247) - vanish, go away
loathe (247) - detest, hate
descend (249) - go down
incapacitated (249) - unable to do anything, injured

  1. What does Katniss realize about Peeta’s strategy? (248)
  2. What skill helped Peeta survive so long? (252)
  3. “Remember, we’re madly in love, so it’s all right to kiss me anytime you feel like it.” (252) Why would Peeta say this to Katniss? How might this affect their chances in the Hunger Games?
  4. Why would Prim be of more use than Katniss with Peeta?

Chapter 20

coaxing (262) - convincing
scowl (265) - frown, angry face
exasperation (268) - frustration, being fed up
haggle (270) - negotiate
maul (271) - attack

  1. Considering the condition that Peeta is in, do you believe that Katniss is safer with him or without him? Explain.
  2. Why might revealing that she hunted outside of District 12 be dangerous?
  3. Why did Katniss choose to tell the story of the mauled goat to Peeta? (271)
  4. Would you take the risk at the Cornucopia for the “feast”? (274) Explain your answer.

Chapter 21

imprisoned (278) - in jail, locked in
arduous (278) - painstaking, takes a lot of effort
sustain (281) - keep up, continue
lingering (281) - hanging around
futile (289) - no use

  1. How does Katniss protect Peeta while she’s gone?
  2. “Gale’s not my boyfriend, but would he be if I opened that door?” (280) Do you think Katniss interested in having a relationship with Gale or Peeta is possible?
  3. How does Katniss escape from Clove? Thresh? (286, 288)

Chapter 22

haggard (290) - beat up, tired, worn out
respite (294) - break, rest

  1. Why does Thresh save Katniss life? (292)
  2. “Would it shock him?” Katniss questions if Peeta would be surprised by the distrust she has of the Capital. What do you think? Does he have a similar lack of trust? Would he be surprised?
  3. What changes for Katniss about her relationship with Peeta?
  4. How does she convince Haymitch and the sponsors to support her and Peeta?

Chapter 23

surly (306) - angry, mean
repellent (306) - pushed away
sniveling (308) - crying, boogers everywhere

  1. Who is Haymitch’s favorite, Peeta or Katniss?
  2. Why does Katniss believe that Peeta is an angry drunk? (306)
  3. How is Peeta getting in the way of the two of them getting food? (315)
  4. Why does Katniss get so nervous at the end of the chapter?

Chapter 24

oblige (323) - give in, help out
ignorance (324) - lack of knowledge
mesmerized (329) - stunned, in shock, awe

  1. What have the gamemakers done to get the final three players together?
  2. Prediction: who do you think will be alive at the end of the Hunger Games?
  3. How do they find Cato?

Chapter 25

menacing (331) - frightening, scary, fierce
hampered (332) - slowed down, inconvenienced
asphyxiation (336) - suffocation, no air

  1. What would you be more scared of, the Muttations or Cato? Explain
  2. What does Katniss notice about the Muttations? (333)
  3. Why do Katniss and Peeta have to wait for so long?
  4. What announcement is made that changes everything for Peeta and Katniss? (342) How do they trick the game makers?

Chapter 26 and Chapter 27

Read and Enjoy! Prepare yourself for Catching Fire.

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